For an agency whose sole purpose is to keep us all from getting blown up on planes and such (or so they tell us, anyway), the Transportation Security Administration certain isn’t very popular. Sure, they’re the reason for the long lines we have to stand in before we get to our terminal. They make us take off our shoes and use x-rays to take naked photos of us. And, worst of all, they make us throw away those little shampoo bottles we got at the hotel that we forgot to put in our checked baggage. I was gonna use that on the plane… for reasons I don’t feel like explaining to you right now!

It is a tough job, however - probably one of the worst “customer service” jobs in the world and we appreciate the fact that at least someone is making an effort to keep us safe. Especially when you consider some of the weirder stuff they have to confiscate while on duty. Like, say, these 25 things. Some are plain strange and others are like “I can’t believe I was almost on a plane with that” scary. Let’s take a look: